Durable Glass Washing Machine Brushes

We’ve been making replacement brushes for glass washing machines for decades. We build shafts for new brushes in our in-house machine shop, and have the ability to repair and rewrap our customers’ old brushes. The repair and rewrap work saves money for our customers – rewrapping a brush can cost as little as half the price of buying a new brush. And because of our years of experience, we don’t need drawings or detailed instructions to rewrap a glass washing brush – just send us your old shaft, and we’ll send it back with a new brush with the same material, measurements, and density as the old one, or give us a call to discuss how we can improve brush performance and durability.

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Why United?
Made in America
All our brushes are manufactured in our modern facility located in Plain City, Ohio.
We use state-of-the-art balancing equipment to ensure that our brushes run smoothly and vibration-free.
Our machine operators have an average of eight years of experience and have ongoing training to improve brush quality.
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